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Choose online education.

Choose online education.

Don't you have time for tutorial courses?! You can buy online training and complete your 30 day course at home, at work, or where else you prefer.

Choose Face to face education.

Choose Face to face education.

Dealers can search the closets institution, and choose education, individually or in class environment.

Education for teachers

Education for teachers

By joining to " Education for teachers" program, you can teach fast reading to any age group of students with our study materials.

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Exclusive in the World...

Online fast reading and comprehension course for Medical Students and Doctors....

Our advantage from other classic online fast reading courses is we made a special system for medical students and doctors.

In the online platform for medical students and doctors, terminology and articles are specifically selected in medical terms.

By this system you will read and comprehend medical terminology and articles very easily and fast.

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If you are preparing for English language proficiency exam, onlinefastread.com will be one of your best helper.

By online fast reading platform you will achieve reading skills such as high reading speed and complete comprehension.

Set your goals, sign up to English Language proficiency examinee study group and get the high grade on your exam.

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what is

what is " fastreading"?

Fast reading will provide you to read and understand any kind of text in as much high speed as possible. All you need to become member and complete one month training which contains 30 series of exercises. Online Fast Reading www.onlinefastread.com

Books will teach you to respect yourself and others, fill the heart and mind with a love of life. (Maxim Gorky)

Value of reading skills is obvious to person who is reader. Individuals which love to read, always trying to improve their inner world and knowledge level.

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Study Methods

      Fast reading and comprehension system begins work by checking your reading speed with special test, and it will prepare coordinated 30 level class according to your results. System saves your activity from the first class and checks your reading speed every day, and it will create your improvement chart. Online Fast Reading www.onlinefastread.com

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Benefits of Online Fast Reading

Provides Time Managment.

The most important thing nowadays, is time. Fastreading will provide you more knowledge in lesser amount of time.

Increases comprehension rate.

In fast readers comprehension is improved as well.

Improves coordination of eyes and brain

During reading, the eyes perform a variety of fast movements, in this way more information gets absorbed by the brain.

Improves Concentration

Eyes transmit a lot of information to the brain, which increases the concentration of a person.

Improves Attention

Along with the maximal increase in concentration, attention increases as well.

Decreases Stress

Most often, students do not have enough time to prepare for exams, which leads to frequent stress. Fast reading is the solution.


Oftenly Asked Questions

what is a benefit of fast reading for time period of exam preparation?
If the speed of your reading increases at least 2 times, then you will have an additional 15-20 minutes to check or solve other tasks and repeat the questions which you have done already.
Will my comprehension will improve?
Since the eyes transmit a large amount of information to the brain during reading, the brain focuses on the text as much as possible. Also, along with rapid reading, the speed of understanding of texts develops.
Is it really possible to read faster?
It is definitely possible! Having mastered the technique of speed reading, you will get rid of the wrong ways of reading. By doing the right exercises for the eyes and body, you can change the habitual way of reading.