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About Us

About us

To read and to understand what have been read is the main problem in any educational system all over world. In developed societies around the world, people can habitually read at any age without any age distinction. The importance of internet reflect itself in our daily life everywhere. This provide us huge amount of information to read. There are two main factors on the reading process. One is " knowledge" another one is " time managment". The meeting of these two factors create demand for fast reading.

The research has been done about problems of reading. Around 25 000 people showed their main problem with comprehension and concentration. The main solution for it is fast reading education.

Despite of other fast reading platforms onlinefastread.com constantly updates its infrastructure and providies opportunities according to personality and requirements. And also we design new books according institutional demands.

onlinefastreading.com have been partner of big projects and created infrastructures for them.