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Dyslexia is the most common speech disorder associated with memory and language.People who suffering from dyslexia, poorly perceive the languages and poorly remember any information.In school years, some of them are talking quickly, and people who are close, do not pay attention to it.At reading, writing and mastering the material, the left hemisphere of the brain is involved and dominated, and dyslexics have problems beacuse of that (because the left hemisphere is poorly involved).People suffering from dyslexia have great intellectual potential.At school they like mathematics and physics most of all, but it is difficult to answer theoretical questions. Dyslexics have a developed fantasy.Many of them do not like to read, because to understand the essence of the material you need to read repeatedly.Some of them are world-famous geniuses: Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, Leonardo da Vinci, Bill Gates and so on.According to some sources, dyslexia was detected in 1986 by the English doctor Pringle Morgan.He published the first information about the symptom in the British Medical Journal.In this article, Morgan described the boy Percy as a very smart child with high potential.Percy was different from his peers in that he very quickly understood and performed tasks.Despite of this he did not like to read.In the 20th century, scientists believed that speech disturbance was associated with the human eye apparatus, because the characteristic of dyslexia included the fact that people confused words and letters.Therefore, dyslexics were forced to train the eye muscles.A little later it became clear that dyslexia does not have any relation to the eye system, it is associated with the speech apparatus.At present, scientists have proved that it is useless to train eye muscles when treating dyslexia. After many studies, it became clear that the most effective way to treat dyslexia is to develop a speech apparatus

At the bast of dyslexia stands difficulties in reading by syllables, just reading and writing. Our online platform provides many exercises for people suffering from dyslexia, which will help to distinguish letters and words. This will make it easier for you to read..


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