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    HighschoolEvery 7 years, the amount of knowledge is obtained by mankind around the world is doubled. The knowledge received by mankind in 1 minute is equal to 200.000 pages of the encyclopedia. For the last 25 years we have received 3 times more information than the civilization since the beginning of its inception.

The main task of speed reading is to increase the technique of reading and learning by 4 times. But you can think that it is better to spend time for homework than for such training. Then do not forget the benefits of fast reading on exam time.

On average, the student spends 15-20 seconds per reading one question, and a person who has a fast reading technique - 5-7 seconds.Thus, he saves on each question 10 seconds, therefore, throughout the exam 30-40 minutes.If we are talking about points scored in the exam, we understand how important it is to save time.

Would you re-read questions when you realize that every minute and every second have power to change your life?

Reading the question because of low comprehension will make you loose twice more time. It will lead to stress and time limit for solution of test.

Having learned fast reading, you will improve the technique of reading and understanding the material by 4 times. When you do your homework, you will save 1/3 of the time.


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