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Education for Teachers

Education for Teachers

Fast Reading and Comprehension fo Teachers

If you want provide Onlinefastread.com educational system at your institution or privately to your students, all you need to join to " Education for Teachers". With the materials and study curriculum which you gain from us, you can teach any age group student

.The contents of "Education for Teachers" program are listed below:

The content of the training program for fast reading education for teachers:

  1. History of Fast reading
  2. Fast readin in the World
  3. What prevents fast reading?
  4. Interaction of Brain and Eye
  5. Development of Memory
  6. Types of reading
  7. Methods of reading
  8. Effective reading methods
  9. How to set the style of reading?
  10. Pathway to reading
  11. What is online fast reading and comprehension platform?
  12. what are the exercises of platform?
  13. How I will go through the stage in the online platform?
  14. Achievement
  15. Test for reading speed
  16. Arrangement of cirruculum

Who can participate?

  1. Educators who will train people at the branches
  2. Teachers working in private institutions
  3. Private tutors
  4. Scientists
  5. Beginners
  6. People who want to learn fast reading.

The duration of the training is 2 days. At the end of training you will be gifted one fast reading pltform and a book.At the end of the training you will receive a certificate confirming the end of the course.

If you want to sign up for a training on online fast reading and comprehension click on the bottom link.