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Primary Education (8-9 yo)

Primary Education (8-9 yo)


By Practical Study method Primary study groups can pass to voice reading in 1 month.

Reading is included as acquired skills to human. Children acquire this skill by specific methods which are taught by school. But if you want obtain complete skills for reading, then you should have improved speed of reading and good comprehension of text have been read.

It is very important to develop the speed of reading aloud to pre-school age groups.When reading aloud, the eyes see the text, the words are spoken with the help of the language, and the ears hear the information, together they send signals to the brain.¼ second - the time that passes from the moment the information is perceived by the eyes to the pronunciation aloud.Scientific researcher Alain Lieury (Alain) showed that for 1 second you can read a maximum  4 words.Thus, per minute a person can read 240 words (4 * 60 = 240).

Quiet reading speed: according to Alain, a person accustomed to reading, is able to see one word in 1/10 seconds.Thus, a person can see 10 words per second, therefore, in a minute he is able to read 600 words.

The texts which are chosen by us for Primary Education students are very easy understandible. We choose text materials by the suggestion of proffesionals.

By joining to Primary Education Group your child can improve reading speed, comprehension, focus,concentration and attention.

If you want to join the group, please contact us.


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