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Why onlinefastread.com?

Why onlinefastread.com?

What is Smart Mentor?

Online program onlinefastread.com makes up individual programs for students, where they (also teachers, parents) can view their academic performance. This makes onlinefastread.com unique.

Our online platform for fast reading with comprehension differs from the classical fast reading platforms in many ways.

Progress with a smart mentor.

what is smart mentor?

During training process , exercise tools (tacistoscop, grouping, fast reading ect..) improves students performance by obtained data.According to progress system feedbacks to students, parents and teachers.

From the very beginning of the exercises, your results are stored in the database.The next day, before passing through the level, you can see the results of the previous stage.Thus, you can easily control the levels.After you move to the next level, the program will automatically update according to your progress.Each student is authorized in his age category. The texts vary, depending on age.With proper registration, you can improve your reading skills and obtain academic achievement .

The person who has been trained by fast reading , improves concentration and attention at the same rate. Depending on that Comprehension increses as well. By asking additional questions , students can check how well the text was understood.

The advantage of this program is that you can study at any time in any place. (At home, at school, at work).